Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pardon my Dust! It's not just dirty this time, I'm redecorating!

I've been redecorating. Over the next few days I'm going to do some experimenting. Things will be changing fairly frequently on the page, so if you see something you like...SPEAK UP!!

Give a lady your honest opinion!!

Also may I propose a question to you readers, if you were to meet Donna in the flesh, what would you expect her to look like? A 1950s Housewife? A 70s Stay at Home Mom? A deranged lunatic? I'm looking to give Donna a face and would love to hear from my readers!

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  1. So the spoons are back, eh?

    It's been a while, dear friend, Donna, and I have a lot to catch up on!

    I'm ALWAYS happy to give my opinion (whether it's requested or not) so here's my thoughts on the current look:

    I really like the font you're using for the body. I don't mind the tealy background, but I like the darker version that's in the comments section.

    I am not at all a fan of the aqua up there for your blog name. Hurts my freaking eyes! And I'm not sure about the font either, but I suspect a different color would be an improvement.

    And maybe consider changing the colors of the background? I think you should be able to customize the utensils and change that creamy shit. (Sorry, just don't dig the cream)

    Those are my thoughts for now.

    I'll pitch my two cents in again elsewhere should I feel the need. ; )

  2. Ack. I don't really like any of it, except for the body font. I'm just preparing to be able to use a template. The forks were just a fun way for me to "tear down" the wallpaper in the kitchen. I can't change anything about the forks, it's just a template.

    I also like the darker teal but I'm not sure how I would obtain that seeing that blogger templates are nazis. I don't like the font for the header. In fact I am working on making a header and this one is very temporary.

  3. hmmm. You need a face, eh? I was sort of fond of the gun-toting you....But....I'll surf a bit and see if something speaks to me.

  4. I'd expect Donna to be a lot like Lynette on Desperate Housewives.

  5. I like all the fonts, especially the title/logo thing. The toned down background fits the real xxx I know, but not so much the mix of june cleaver and mrs brady that is my mental donna. for this I imagine a fifties style diner menu, with flavors of the welcome to fabulous las vegas, nv sign (where brick + xxx stop traffic). maybe not. will let percolate...

  6. I was rather thinking the same kind of thing, pants, but not too dinery since it's a kitchen, not a diner, but some stainless steel would be nice. As for the black and white, there just is no color scheme as of yet. It's more of a prototype board where I'm going to toss out a number of ideas and see what suits me best. Keep checking back.


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