Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogoversary Party in the Kitchen!!

It's my freakin' blogoversary!! This little blog here is a whole year old.

Party on the Facebook all week!

I was thinking, Donna, Donna, Dear, you should do something special for your loyal readers. Something like a giveaway. I don't really "do" give aways because, well, I don't have anything to giveaway except for a freakin' basement full of junk! And you know you don't want that!

But you know, ladies, I do know someone doing a great giveaway right now and you should enter it.

One of my favorite bloggers, Cecily Kellogg is having a great giveaway through Buy More Contacts at her blog Uppercase Woman! You should stop over and check it out. It's so simple to enter, just leave a comment at her site. Gooood Luck!

And yes, I entered, too. I need an iPad as bad as the next guy! And hey, it's my freakin' party!


See you on the Facebook! Stop by! Have some cake!



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